Hello, My Name is
Robert Jarrell.

I'm a native Californian born with a creative disposition. My desire to lead a creative life transported me from southern California to the cultural diversity and moody twilights of San Francisco and later to the kinetic neighborhoods of Tokyo, Japan. These two cities have shaped my waking life, dreams, and creative sensibilities.

photo of Robert Jarrell

I'm inspired by people I know, places I've been, artists, designers, literature, music and film. Cafes have been important too because being alone, reading, writing, and dreaming among a room full of strangers doing the same, creates an unspoken connection. I am grateful to everyone I have met and to those I haven't but who have nonetheless inspired me.

It's a miracle we are alive and a phenomenon to express ourselves and share visions. To one another we say look and see. Some create better than others, yet I respect anyone who has the courage to share what they feel and see. I'm often drawn to outsider art or work by people who have no art education because their expression is pure.

For over twenty years I've explored design, painting, printing, photography, writing, publishing, video and music. I continue to seek that which I have not found, mainly a beauty that communicates I was here in a particular moment and time.

My passions are unlimited. I can barely contain myself. There is more to do, say, and see.