Time and Energy

my drawing of time and energy

I'm the type of person that is curious about everything. One week I want to learn how to build stereo speakers. The next I might be curious about landscaping, producing electronic music, or how to make professional picture frames. I've spent random months investigating transhumanism, bio genetics, polymer clay, earthship architecture. For years I've been interested in Japanese language and culture. The list goes on.

Because I have many interests I often need to bring myself back to my core, remind myself I already have three things I love: art, design, and writing. Any one of these passions require a lifetime of dedication. Since I have multiple interest and can easily be diverted I need to be careful how I spend my energy and remind myself what is important. Often, time is my enemy.

The difficult part about life is that we can't always control what we want to do. Sometimes we're obligated to do things we don't want to: take out the trash, help a friend move, care for an elder or sick person, work for a company we don't like, whatever.

Lately I've been pondering the idea that what I do in any given moment should be considered with great care. As far as I know I will only live once and during my lifetime I want to use my energy (or life force) to do things with intention. The last thing I want to do is waste my time.

So I need to ask myself at any given moment if what I'm doing is meaningful or a waste of time and energy? If it's meaningless I need to change this. If I am spending my energy in a meaningful way it means I'm on the right path. The next step is to take this even further and exert myself towards contributing to the world and helping people.